Down to earth. Helpful. Kind. Real. That's my goal. I'm not going to write my biography in the third person to make myself sound more impressive than I am. I want to be accessible to the world. My email is My social media is in the header above. Reach out - I'm a human too. Hell, we might become friends. 


Hello. My name is Will Hedrick - I'm the Founder of The Hedrick Project. If you don't know anything about THP, we are on a mission to better animal, human, and environmental life globally. We utilize storytelling to fundraise and raise awareness on issues across the world. 100% of our funds raised go to the best organizations to handle that problem. A simple business model I'm proud of. I also have a personal YouTube channel and a Shop that will be opening as a side project; I write a blog (occasionally), and I have many future projects I dream about. 


Before THP in high school, I opened a custom furniture store with my brother. Rustic, live edge, farmhouse-style stuff. After that, in college, I worked as a real estate broker for over three years and launched a real estate firm, SPEEK.